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Modern Optics
Modern Optics


Modern is taking care of our little one's eyeglass needs. We're experienced at the delicate process of fitting kids with glasses. We understand a parent's concern and sometimes bewilderment upon discovering their child's need for glasses. We specialize in colorful adorable, virtually unbreakable children's frames, designed for infants to pre-teen. With our collections, your children look like real kids, not like mini-adults.


  Miraflex has a range of high-tech children's eyewear.  These flexible and safe frames have no metal components or hinges and are safe and comfortable for young children, babies and those with special needs.  Perfect for first time eyeglasses wearers and for parents who are tired of their little ones glasses always breaking.            

 .OGI Kids offers fashion forward frames that are stylish affordable and durable for children and young adults.  Ogi spinners, a line of eye-catching frames, fe
ature an award winning, revolutionary temple with the ability to rotate 360 degrees.


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