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3 Ways Your “Look” Is Critical to Your Success

Personal branding is extremely important when making a name for yourself. Whether you're part of a larger organization or looking to become a successful entrepreneur, your look will be how people remember you.

From your profile picture on social media to how you look when meeting someone in person for the first time, if you don’t take pride in your appearance or you look like everyone else in your industry, you’ll never make a name for yourself.

Cultivating a unique look can bring you more business and help people understand the type of business you're in. Whether we like it or not people still judge a book by its cover and the look you perfect will say a lot about your business or the company you're affiliated with.

Here are a few ways you can capitalize on that and help people better remember you.

3 Reasons Your Look Is Important

These days, people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Tweaking your look and your personal brand can help you achieve all three of these things.

Your Outfit Speaks Volumes

Think about Steve Jobs’ quintessential black turtleneck and jeans or Mark Zuckerberg’s gray hoodie. Would either of those outfits have worked if Jobs or Zuckerberg was a financial planner? Probably not.

People will look at your outfit (including accessories) and make certain assumptions about your career and you're standing within an organization. If you want to project a certain level of financial security and business acumen in a traditionally conservative field like banking, you're not going to wear a generic white T-shirt from the discount store.

At the same time, if you're building a young, up-and-coming tech empire, stodgy clothes won't convey the right message either. Instead, tailor your look just as you would the design of your brochure or your business cards. Think about your target audience and the message you want to convey. Then, match your look to that message.

Your Look Becomes Your Business Card

If you've ever met a professional speaker, they often have something about their physical presence that is memorable when they're speaking. For instance, Joe Pulizzi head of Content Marketing Institute wears a lot of orange (sometimes even an orange suit) which is in keeping with his branding. This look is easily recognizable onstage and off. In fact, people can see him from across the room and that is intentional. Pulizzi has matched his personal brand with his professional one and that impacts his audience’s ability to recognize him as the creative thought leader he is.

Someone Who Is Put Together Looks More Capable

Again, most of us make assumptions based on the way people look. If we glanced down at someone's hands, and we saw they were nicely manicured, we would assume that the person took care of themselves. On the other hand, if we saw calloused and blistered hands we’d assume that person likely works with their hands doing some form of manual labor or has a very labor-intensive hobby they do often.

If you want to be taken seriously in your professional life, you likely want to cultivate a look that is also put together.

The definition of “put together” varies by industry. For instance, a “put-together” look for a personal trainer is going to be different than a put-together look for a sales manager. Choose a look as if you’re building on your resume. The phrase “dress for the job you want” is very fitting here. People will assess your capabilities visually before they do mentally.

5 Easy Ways to Create a Branded Look

While your look should be tailored to the types of customers you're trying to attract, there are some basic components that you should think about when creating the type of look that will turn heads and bring you more customers. These include:

1. Your clothes: casual, formal, or in between

2. Your hair: well-coifed or fluff-and-go casual

3. Your jewelry: fun or high-end pieces

4. Your glasses: bold statement frames or stately designs

5. Colors: incorporate color into your wardrobe and accessories

Looking your best and branding your style will have a positive impact on your ability to attract customers. It can help you be seen as more professional, dependable, and trustworthy.

Changing your glasses is one of the easiest ways to update your look and command attention. After all, eyes are often the first thing people notice about someone as maintaining good visual contact is also one of the first things we’re taught about social interaction. So investing in the right accessories for your eyes is a worthwhile endeavor.

Visit Modern Optics today and we can help you find the right look for your business and industry. Our frames and lenses are among some of the most unique designs out there and can be customized to something that fits your brand perfectly.

Don't start 2020 with the same boring look. It's time to upgrade that appearance and become the professional you've been longing to be in others’ eyes.

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