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4+ Tips for Selecting the Perfect Prescription Goggles

If you lead an active life and wear prescription glasses, you should consider prescription goggles. Whether you’re looking for prescription swim goggles, protective eyewear for basketball, baseball or software goggles, cycling eyewear, or protective lenses for lacrosse, squash or other sports, there are some terrific options out there.

There are several benefits in switching from glasses to prescription goggles during sportz and physical activity. They include:

● Improved vision (and accuracy) without risk to your daily pair of glasses

● Improved safety for the eye area and less risk of eye damage

● Less chance of the glasses becoming dislodged during play

● Better resilience than daily glasses as they’re created to withstand physical activity

While there are many benefits, some eyeglass wearers are still hesitant to get the second pair for sports. Some figure their “hobby” activities don’t require them but eye protection is not a luxury, it’s a need. If you or your child wear glasses and play sports, even occasionally, you should consider getting a pair. It’ll improve your performance and the designs are much more attractive these days than they were even a handful of years ago.

Being able to see clearly without the concern of your daily glasses breaking is a must. In fact, Prevent Blindness America estimates that about 40,000 eye injuries a year are sports-related. Goggles can help prevent some of those.

Not convinced?

Think about your shoes. Even if you don’t go to the gym as often as you go to work, you wouldn’t wear your work shoes to the gym. You’d buy a pair of athletic shoes specifically designed to be comfortable and offer you the support you need. Your eyes deserve the same treatment.

Before you go out and buy a pair of prescription goggles, there are a few things you should know before selecting sports eyewear.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Prescription Goggles

1. Tell your optical retailer what sports you play. Some activities require very different lenses and frames like swimming or basketball. You may even need goggles that can fit inside a helmet. If you play more than one sport, make sure your retailer knows so they can make the appropriate recommendations.

2. Know that some specialty lenses (like those used in prescription swimming goggles) will not be an exact match to your daily glasses or contact lenses. They are made the same way readers are. This is fine in a blurry environment like water but not the case for cycling, for instance. Swim goggles would not be interchangeable with your daily glasses like the way other sports goggles may be. Some kids are choosing to wear sports goggles all day.

3. Decide whether you need special goggles. Is your sport mainly recreational or do you need something aimed at racing? Telling your optical retailer how involved you are in your sport, whether it is competitive or simply a hobby can help ensure you get the best sports goggle for you.

4. Consider a design with maximum ventilation to avoid fogging of the lens.

Finally, always buy your sports goggles from an eyewear professional as the goggles need to be properly fitted. It’s not simply as easy as adjusting a band around the back of the head. The way the goggles fit your head, nose, and temples affects the safety and protection they’re able to render.

Contact Modern Optics for more information selecting the ideal prescription goggles for your needs. We’re happy to find something that will not only help keep you from becoming one of the 40,000 eye injuries a year but also make sure you look stylish and feel confident in your sport.

Modern Optics in St. Pete Beach, Florida

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