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Cool Eyeglass Technology Has Solved a Common Problem

Counting sunglasses and glasses how many pairs of glasses do you own? How much time do you spend looking for your glasses and sunglasses? Or fumbling with one pair on your face, trying to grasp the other pair to switch them out?

Let’s be honest. Carrying around glasses and sunglasses can be a drag, not to mention take up space.

But there is an easy solution if you hate the sorts of things we mentioned above.

Layers. As in placing lenses over your existing glasses.

Now we’re not talking about your parent’s clip-ons. We’re referring to stylish, convenient layering options for your eyeglasses.

Get the Fashion You Want with the Convenience You Love

Our Chemistrie Layering System is light years beyond the old sunglass clip-ons. Remember how you had to flip them down or clip them over your glasses? They were bulky and never fit the lenses quite right. It also meant covering your high-fashion glasses with something that simply didn’t add anything to your look.

Today, with our layering system, we have magnetic lenses that perfectly fit the shape of your glasses. It’s as easy as snapping your sunlens on to your everyday frame.

This video explains how they work:


Enjoy 3D Movies Again

But it’s not just the prescription sunglass switch that can be annoying for those who wear glasses. What about all those great 3D action movies? Wearing those clunky 3D goggles over your existing prescription glasses can affect your ability to enjoy the movie. All the other theater goers are “ooohing and ahhhing” and you’re left fumbling with your vision tools.

Not anymore.

Our layering system also includes 3D lenses that snap onto your prescription glasses with magnets. Best of all, they provide an enjoyable viewing experience that’s even better than those uncomfortable plastic glasses..

Check this out:


The Benefits of Chemistrie Layering System

You’ll love our Chemistrie Layering System for many reasons including:

● The sunlens is largely invisible. No more awkward clips for flips.

● The Chemistrie lenses are custom made so they fit over any lens whether you have small lenses or the very trendy oversized frames.

● The magnets make positioning easy. There’s nothing to break off like the old clips.

● The sunlens is polarized (there are non-polarized lenses as well) and comes in 24 variations of solid colors, mirrored options, and gradients.

● They offer 100% UV protection.

● The hardware is customizable and you can even choose 12 colors of Swarovski jewels to complete your look.

● The system comes in three lens types including sunlens, reader lens, and the 3D lens.

Isn’t it time to simplify your vision experience and improve the clutter you carry around with you? Now you can maintain your style and see yourself while you do it.

Stop in to Modern Optics to take a look at the style possibilities. You’ll love them.

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