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Fashionable Medical Device

Do you have a flexible spending account with your employer? If so, then you need to take a long hard look at the calendar. Because…

guess what?

It's almost the end of the year.

So what does that mean if you have a flexible spending account?

Because with most of these accounts it's a use-it-or-lose-it scenario. That means as soon as 2019 closes out that money you've had taken out of your paycheck--that's legally yours, that you should be using for medical and health care expenses--is now gone.

I don't know about you but disappearing money is not a good thing in my world.

The problem that a lot of people run into is that they wait until the end of the year to either file their eligible expenses. Some simply forget they have a health care spending account until all of these types of blog posts start popping up.

The Benefit of a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

Flexible spending accounts are amazing ways to save taxes because the money is taken out of your paycheck pre-tax. That means these accounts reduce the amount of eligible income that you're taxed on. With escalating healthcare expenses more and more people are seeing the value in using these types of accounts.

But they aren't valuable if you get to the end of the year and aren't sure what to use it on.

I have a few ideas for you.

The Best Way to Use Your Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

First, before you go out and spend any additional money go through your records to all the co-pays and portions of your health care that you've already spent money on. Some of these may be eligible for reimbursement through your flexible spending account. Every company processes them slightly differently but most of them do have online portals you can use.

Assuming you have no outstanding health care expenses, let me share what a lot of unprepared people use their flexible spending account on.

They go into their local pharmacy and they buy up ridiculous amounts of overpriced pain relievers, thermometers, bandages, Band-Aids, and other things they most likely could have gotten for a cheaper price. Plus it's doubtful they will ever go through all of these things.

And what fun are those things anyway?

Absolutely no fun whatsoever.

You spend $200-$300 of your remaining Healthcare Spending Account just because you have to or you lose it.

But you don't have to do that.

You can actually get something that will make you feel fabulous and look amazing.

Use your flexible spending account remainder on a pair of fashionable frames. Get yourself a pair of sunglasses or a secondary pair of glasses. If you have your everyday glasses, why not opt for a fun pair that matches your favorite outfit?

Glasses are the only fashionable medical device one can buy with their flex spending account!

A pair of statement glasses is the ideal expense to use up your flexible spending account and it's a whole lot more fun than six million bottles of aspirin.

You can also use it for an eye exam to double-check that your glasses are the right prescription. If they're not, or even if they are, get another pair of glasses.

I hate roaming around the house looking for one pair of glasses. having multiple pairs means you'll always be able to find one. But it also means that you can get that pair--you know the one that you like but you don't think it’s very practical, the one that will only match a handful of things that you own--spoil yourself. Get it. It's not costing you any additional money. If you don't use that money it will be gone.

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