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The One Secret You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

There’s a dirty little secret in the eyeglass manufacturing world. Well, it’s not dirty. It’s lucrative. And it’s ensuring you pay sky-high prices for a cookie-cutter look. You see there’s a monopoly on the manufacturing of eyeglasses. The Italian company Luxottica produces 80% of what people are wearing these days. 

Since one company produces such a large percentage of the world’s glasses, they can charge whatever they’d like. The market bears that because most of us can’t just decide tomorrow not to wear glasses because they cost too much.

And guess what? 

Luxottica isn’t just making the high-end brands of well-knowns like Versace and Burberry, it’s also behind your discount, easy-access mall stores like Sears Optical and Lenscrafters. It’s next to impossible to buy glasses that aren’t affiliated with that name. Next to impossible but not impossible.

So how do you avoid these high costs and basic looks?

The answer comes down to value.

The Correlation Between Price and Value

Let’s talk about price and value. Price is the amount you pay. It’s what’s on the tag and what’s on the sales slip after all the anti-glare and anti-scratch protection additions are tallied up. Some people shop solely by that. They are less concerned with the details of the product. They’re simply looking at what’s coming out of their wallet. And that’s fine.

Value, on the other hand, takes into consideration the cost and other things you receive for that cost. These things could be warranties, quantities, service, or a dozen other things. Value can be very personal. What’s important to one person, may not impress another.

Do you ever buy from a boutique, expensive restaurant, high-end car dealership, or exclusive resort? In each of these cases, you’re paying a lot for the product or service. Why do people choose to pay more for something when they can get something similar for less money?


People who choose to pay more, do so often because of the value they receive. They might get better hospitality or customer care. There is a differentiator between the cheap and the more expensive option that they enjoy.

The problem with the eyeglass industry, in most instances, is that you are paying boutique prices for run-of-the-mill service and quality.

Where’s the value there?

If you look solely at the price tag of your glasses, you’d assume you’d be receiving a unique product personalized to you, that’s of top quality, with a tailored approach to customer service, helping you with your specific needs and desires.

When was the last time you got that at a mall optical or discount eyeglass place? You’re paying boutique prices for discount store quality and service.


The Modern Optics Customer Difference

Our customers are different.

At Modern Optics, our customers appreciate value. They’re not (just) looking for the best deal. They see eyeglasses as a fashion statement, as part of who they are or who they want to be on a given day. They understand the cost of eyeglasses but they want good value for the price, not a cookie-cutter look. That means they want:

· Stellar quality

· Excellent, personalized service

· Designs you won’t see on 80% of the population

At Modern Optics, we carry the best lines in the industry, exclusive lines that allow customers to select the look that’s right for them. You can customize stems, frames, lenses, and more to create a masterpiece that is truly your own.

Our staff spends the time to match client personalities and lifestyles with the look that fits. We also carry a line of children’s glasses that are about as indestructible as they come.

Get a Real Expert Opinion

Your eyeglasses are one of the first things people notice about you. Confident individuals will use them to make a statement, as an accessory, or as a reflection of their personality. Our team has spent years understanding what looks fit which face structures and skin tones and they’re here with personalized assistance to make sure you love your new glasses. 

Glasses shouldn’t be something you hide behind. They should be a fun part of your wardrobe.   We’ll help you find unique, high-quality statement pieces for about what you’d pay for those “high-end,” mass-produced glasses from the monopoly. For about the same cost, you can get a whole lot more value. 

Modern Optics is located in Historic Corey Avenue, St. Pete Beach

Come see us today and you’ll understand why there’s just not an app for what we do.

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